Campus Planning

Campus Planning offers a complete menu of planning and design services to help preserve and enhance the distinct character of Harvard’s campuses; and to address future growth and change in an environmentally and fiscally sustainable manner.

Project Reporting and Analysis

Project Reporting & Analysis promotes best practices regarding cost control, schedule management and document management.

Capital Planning and Project Services

Capital Planning and Project Services (CAPS) team supports Schools and Units responsible for capital spending on Harvard's buildings and infrastructure. We promote construction best practices and bring together the project management community with the UCMC.

Project Management

Project Management provides the highest quality capital project management and delivery services to a wide range of University clients. We are available to directly manage a wide array of large and small projects from concept planning to final completion and occupancy.

Administration Strategies

HPPM offers a full range of strategic project administration services to support capital project delivery.

Information Resources

HPPM develops and manages and distributes data about Harvard's physical environment - construction documentation, land records, maps, surveys and space information to help the University manage physical assets, improve operations, and plan for the future.